Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dr. Weaver: Not the Average English Professor

Dr. Weaver
Photo Credit: Allison Waltz, Eagle Eye Photography
AU student Callan Pugh recently wrote a feature article for The Collegian about Dr. Russell Weaver, Professor of English. The long-form essay touches on all aspects of his life including this paragraph about his high school academic career:

Academically, Weaver was very gifted. He didn’t have to study much to get good grades. He was able to achieve good marks without studying and without much extra thought. Though he got good grades and loved reading, he hated his English classes with a passion. Instead of going in depth with the books they would read, his teachers gave fill in the blank tests and didn’t make it enjoyable or challenging. It was boring and easy to get through for him without putting in any work. READ FULL STORY

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