Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Social Work Club Service Project Raises $1,149

Through its "Give a Meal" service project, the Social Work Club raised $1,149 in cash and meal swipe donations to purchase food in bulk through AU's dining services. The food purchased was donated to Associated Charities and the Ashland County Food Bank, which distributes to individuals and families in need in Ashland County.

Ashland Police Detective Brian Evans Speaks to Criminal Law Class

On November 12, Detective Brian Evans presented to the Criminal Law (CJ 362) class on drug and alcohol crimes.  Detective Evans, who won the Ashland County Prosecutor's Distinguished Service Provider of the Year award in 2015, works in the Investigative Bureau in the Narcotic Enforcement Section of the Ashland Police Department. READ MORE

Monday, November 23, 2015

Geology Club Visits Ohio Caverns

On Saturday November 14, Dr. Hudson and eight students from the Geology Club took a field trip to Ohio Caverns in central Ohio. The hour long guided tour underground was well done and the stalactites, stalagmites, columns, soda straws, draperies/curtains, and colorful staining were excellent and extensively photographed by all.

Collegian Publishes Feature on Dr. Gary Levine

Gary LevineThis week's edition of the AU student newspaper The Collegian features a cover story on Dr. Gary Levine by Halee Hieronimus. Read it online at ashlandcollegian.com.

Coburn Art Giveaway Winners Announced

Congratulations to the Coburn Art Giveaway winners: Kristen Allman, Zula Kile, Hannah Thome, Noah McDonald, Hannah Shaw, Rebekah Hale, Leah Paxton, Emma Daugherty, Danielle Smith and Alyssa Ferrell.

Math Seminar Presents "The Pioneering Role of the Sierpinski Gasket"

On Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 1:40 p.m. in Patterson 301, Zach Brown will present the different aspects of the Sierpinski Gasket and how it relates to the different generations of the Ulam-Warburton Automation and the Hex-Ulum-Warburton Automation as shown in the September 2015 edition of Math Horizons.

Madrigal Sales End Nov. 24

The Department of Music would like to alert patrons that the last day to purchase tickets for the 40th Annual Madrigal Feaste is Tuesday, November 24.  Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office by phone at 419.289.5125 or online at www.ashland.edu/tickets.