Thursday, February 26, 2015

Foreign Languages Department to Hold French Film Festival

Ashland University Department to Hold French Film Festival

The Department of Foreign Languages will hold a TournĂ©es Film Festival in March that will feature five recent French films and one classic film. The festival, which will take place March 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 7 p.m. in the Hawkins-Conard Student Center Auditorium, is free and open to the public.  READ MORE...

English Department Sets Spring Reading Series

Ashland University English Department Sets Spring Reading Series
The English Department has set its Spring 2015 Reading Series that will feature a poetry reading by J. David Cummings on March 23, a nonfiction reading by Tom Montgomery Fate on March 30 and a fiction reading by Michelle Herman on April 20. All readings will be held in the Ronk Lecture Room of the Dwight Schar College of Education and are free and open to the public. The readings will begin at 4 p.m. followed by refreshments at 5 p.m.  READ MORE...

Ashley Starcher Interns at the WIA Youth Program

I feel that learning about empathy in my classes has been very beneficial for me. I am able to create a healthy relationship with the youth because of the different techniques I was taught. Building relationships with the adolescents is very important for an efficient intervention, so I am very thankful for the skills I gained from my professors. READ MORE...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CJ Student Internship: Spotlight on Kelsey Garrabrant

I really believe that my interaction with the court system and department helped me tremendously. Being able to sit in on hearings and trials of all types helped to advance my knowledge in the court system. Along with that, being hands-on with the probation department helped me to actually experience the day-to-day life of a probation officer. This internship helped me tremendously by not only supplying new knowledge on various career options for me, such as an attorney or probation officer, but solidifying my choice to choose a career path in the criminal justice field.  READ MORE...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iron Toys Announces CD Release Concert

The saxophone/woodwind quartet Iron Toys announces a public release concert and party for their new CD to be held Saturday, February 28, 7 p.m. at the Happy Grape Wine Bar in Lexington, Ohio.  Founded in 2004 in Cleveland Ohio, the woodwind quartet features the accomplished and highly respected musicianship of Howie Smith, Rich Shanklin, Tom Reed and George Shernit. READ MORE...

Math & Computer Science at URCA

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium will be held on April 8 in the John C. Myers Convocation Center. The Math and Computer Science Department congratulates and thanks the following faculty and their sponsored students for representing our department through their scholarly and creative work.
  • Dr. Maduka Rupasinghe, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, will sponsor Garrett Tresch, a Mathematics and Actuarial Science major, presenting Sieve Bootstrap-Based Prediction Intervals for GARCH Processes
  • Dr. Paul Cao, Associate Professor of Computer Science, will sponsor Paul Pernici, a Computer Science and Mathematics major, presenting Comparing Feature Extraction and Feature Selection Algorithms in Pattern Recognition
  • Dr. Gordon Swain, Professor of Mathematics, will sponsor Joseph Scott Glorioso, a Mathematics and Chemistry major, presenting Constant Speed or Constant Effort: Which is the More EfAcient Way to Run?"

Liberal Arts Training Improves STEM Majors?

Skeptics wouldn't take it seriously if we were to suggest that Leonardo da Vinci is evidence that STEM majors can benefit from liberal arts training, but how about Steve Jobs: 
When introducing the iPad 2, Jobs, who dropped out of college but continued to audit calligraphy classes, declared: “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.” (Indeed, one of Apple’s scientists, Steve Perlman, was inspired to invent the QuickTime multimedia program by an episode of “Star Trek.”)
Or Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, who 
credits her degree in philosophy and medieval history in helping her be the first woman to lead a high-tech Fortune 20 corporation. “If you go into a setting and everybody thinks alike, it’s easy,” she has said. “But you will probably get the wrong answer.”
Quotes from an article in the Washington Post by Loretta Jackson-Hayes; and "V is for Victorious," a story about Bing Chen in the UPenn Arts & Sciences Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014 (page 36).

Foreign Language Honor Society Initiates Eight New Members

Phi Sigma Iota recently inducted eight new members including:
  • Erin Adams
  • Madeline Crissinger
  • Justina Fleming
  • Delaney Jones
  • Peter Kobunski
  • Max Ostrowski
  • Kylie Price
  • Josie Schave

CJ Student Internship: Spotlight on Joseph Szymanski

I was a freshman at the time and had only taken a few criminal justice classes, but my professors taught from actual field experience which helped prepare me above and beyond what I expected. This internship was successful for me because I was put into hands-on situations.  I learned something exciting every day and each day was different.  READ MORE...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Degrees Completed and In Progress for Recent English Alumni

Recent English department alumni have pursued varied educational paths after graduation—a testament to the broad and flexible preparation that our undergraduate programs offer. Below is a list of the degrees in progress and gained by graduates within the last five years.

  • MFA, Creative Writing, University of Texas-Austin (CW, ENG)
  • MA, English, Baylor University, TX (ENG) & Kent State (CW, ENG)
  • MA, Rhetoric and Composition, Texas State (CW, ENG)
  • MA, Professional, Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing, Carnegie Mellon U (ILA)
  • M.Ed., College Student Personnel, Kent State (ENG)
  • M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, DeVry University (ILA)
  • M.Ed, Higher Education Administration, Kent State (ENG)
  • M.S. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Wellness and Human Performance, University of Pittsburgh (ENG)
  • Pursuing MA, Art Business, Sotheby's Institute of Art, London (ENG)
  • Pursuing MA, Philosophy, Northern Illinois University. (ENG)
  • Pursuing MA, Higher Education, Bowling Green State University (CW, ENG)
  • Pursuing MA, Library Science and Media Studies, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (ILA)
  • Pursuing Ph.D. in English at Miami University of Ohio (ENG, CW)

  • #TheSelmaProject – Racist Normativity

    By Emily Wirtz

    Selma—both the movie and the city—has raised a lot of thought-provoking questions, some of which have clear answers: Yes, racism does still exist. Some questions, on the other hand, remain pretty vague: I don’t know, what do we do about it? While I don’t have an answer as to how we go about knocking down racism in its entirety with a single hit, I do have a proposal. We need to talk about it—not just “we” as Americans, but we as Caucasian Americans who somehow still believe we live in a world of equality. READ MORE...

    Thursday, February 19, 2015

    CJ Students Tour Ashland County Jail Facility

    Criminal Justice students enrolled in CJ 366 (Criminal Procedure) had the opportunity to take a field trip to the Ashland County Jail.
    “We got to experience a hands-on learning situation while putting what we know about criminal procedure [from class] into real life.”  - Melissa Smith, Junior Criminal Justice and Psychology Major
    Read More... 

    Ashland University's Hands-On Studio Time

    Take Your Art to the Next Level: High School Campus Experience
    On Saturday, May 16, Ashland University will offer a day of hands-on studio time for selected high school students in: Sculpture, Printmaking, Painting, Figure Drawing, Ceramics. The application form is available on our website.

    Haley Mossing, Intern at Ashland Parenting Plus

    I was nervous going into my internship that I was not prepared, but I am always surprising myself with how much I actually know from my education through the program. The Social Work Program has taught me the importance of client empowerment, how to interact with clients in order to help them throughout the helping relationship, as well as the fundamental skills for documentation. READ MORE...

    Sewage, Water Treatment and You

    You may have never thought about internship opportunities, or even a career, in water treatment, but with a large wave of current water treatment workers reaching retirement age, there are many opportunities in this area.  Two of our graduates from the past few years are very happy with their employment positions at water treatment facilities. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has two internship openings for this summer listed HERE.

    Twelve New Students Inducted into Lambda Pi Eta

    Congratulations to the biggest Communication Studies honorary inductee group Ashland has ever seen. This record-breaking group consists of Taylor Campbell, Joel Gregory, Joyce Grendel, Halee Heironimus, Jacob Krupp, Paige Lamb, Emily Miller, Lauren Miller, Megan Salatino, Emma Tappel, and Madison Wright.

    Math Alumni News

    Congratulations to Actuarial Science major Clay Harris who has accepted a position as Credit Risk Analyst with Key Bank. His job will involve risk management and will incorporate significant financial statement analysis.

    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    CJ Student Internship: Spotlight on Auston Smith

    Criminal Justice senior Auston Smith interned with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court Probation Services in Dayton, Ohio, an office with multiple kinds of probation officers, including drug court probation officers.

    "My internship will definitely impact my career path because I now know that becoming a juvenile probation officer is something I would love to do. The people I encountered at my internship taught me a lot and really inspired me."


    AU Theatre Grad Recognized in New York Times

    Ashland University Theatre graduate, Whitney Locher (2002), was recently recognized for her costume designs in a New York Times review of Fiasco Theatre's production of "Into the Woods." Read the full article HERE...

    "Financial Ratios, Discriminant Analysis and the Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy"

    Leslie Johnson will present her Math 450 Senior Seminar today (Tuesday, Feb. 17, 4:30 p.m. in Patterson 301) focusing on an introduction to traditional ratio analysis and how Edward Altman combined this with statistics to predict bankruptcy. Further discussion will be on the application of the The Altman Z-Score in today's economic environment, as well as the application to some well-known companies.

    Monday, February 16, 2015

    AU High School Studio Art Experience

    High school students are invited to participate in the annual AU High School Studio Art Experience. The application deadline is March 27 and info is available at

    Dr. Dickson Goes to Africa

    Dr. Sue Dickson is on study leave this semester but she is not conducting her research in some dusty library. She will be teaching in Africa. Read her own description of what she will be doing for the next 12 weeks HERE.

    Careers and Internships in Environmental Assessment

    A number of our graduates have recently started careers in environmental assessment after completing their degrees in Biology or Environmental Science.  One of them, Rachel Day (Biology '11), will be speaking on campus this week (Wednesday 1 pm) about her current work, research and career at the Midwest Biodiversity Institute. READ MORE...

    Thursday, February 12, 2015

    College’s Priceless Value

    In College's Priceless Value (NYT, February 11, 2015), Frank Bruni beautifully explains what higher education has to do with liberal arts and Shakespeare, by showing how three simple words, “Stay a little," from King Lear transformed his way of perceiving the world. Along the way, he makes these nice observations, which are pertinent to the debate over the liberal arts.
    "But it’s impossible to put a dollar value on a nimble, adaptable intellect, which isn’t the fruit of any specific course of study and may be the best tool for an economy and a job market that change unpredictably.
    And it’s dangerous to forget that in a democracy, college isn’t just about making better engineers but about making better citizens, ones whose eyes have been opened to the sweep of history and the spectrum of civilizations."

    What Jobs Have Our English and Creative Writing Majors Landed?

    Below is a sampling of positions held by AU English, Creative Writing and Integrated Language Arts graduates (2009-2014).  
    • 3 university lecturers (CW, ENG)
    • 3 teaching English abroad—France, Japan, China (CW, ENG, ILA)
    • 11 positions in higher education administration and student life (CW, ENG, ILA)
    • 7 writers and editors (CW, ENG, ILA)
    • Associate Transcript and Data Specialist at American Council on Education, Washington DC (ENG)
    • Attorney at Brennan, Manna & Diamond, LLC, Akron (ENG)
    • Chef/owner, Malabar Inn Restaurant (ENG)
    • Children’s Associate, Wayne County Public Library, Wooster, OH (ENG)
    • Collections Representative, GE Capital, Bolivar, OH (ENG)
    • Customer Services Specialist at Columbus Metropolitan Library (ENG)
    • Daycare Aide (ILA)
    • Deputy Clerk, Ashland Municipal Court (CW)
    • Digital Solutions Manager at ADP Dealer Services, Mansfield, Ohio (CW, ENG)
    • Director of Music at Lakeview United Methodist Church (ILA)
    • Events Management Assistant, Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, VA (ENG)
    • Hospice Volunteers Coordinator at ViaQuest, Cleveland (ENG)
    • Medical Sales Representative, Alcon, a Novartis company, Greater Detroit Area (CW)
    • Office Manager, Northwestern Mutual Life, Cincinnati (ENG)
    • Receptionist, WQKT 104.5 FM, Wooster (ENG)
    • Sales, Summers Rubber Company, Cleveland (CW)
    • Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Rosetta, Cleveland (ENG)
    • Shipping/customer Service Representative for Ashland Industries in Dublin, OH (ENG)

    Kaitlynn Dolezal, Intern at The Mental Health and Recovery Board

    <I cannot express how thankful I am for the education I have received in the Social Work Program. Because of my professors, I have felt so comfortable and prepared for my internship, and even graduate school! FULL STORY HERE...

    Dr. Moser Wins Fashion Contest!

    Has anyone else noticed that Dr. Moser hath become a nattier dresser of late?   Here he is in his finest threads, as the winner of the January 2015 “Civilized Fashion” photo contest. Who is this gentleman’s haberdasher? For the details of his attire, see here.

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015

    The URCA Schedule is Set!

    The URCA Symposium Committee is pleased to announce the lineup of this year's presentations! The Symposium will take place on Wednesday, April 8th in the John C. Myers Convocation Center on the campus of Ashland University. See the Schedule HERE!

    Monday, February 9, 2015

    Math 450 Senior Seminar: The Dangers of Gambling in American Roulette, Feb. 10

    On Tuesday, Feb. 10 at 4:30 p.m. in Patterson 301, James Harris will discuss the different types of bets the gambler can make and look at probability models as well as matrix models that should help convince you to keep your money in banks and not in casinos. Come and find out your chances - All are welcome!

    #TheSelmaProject – The Movie and the Aftermath

    by Emily Wirtz

    ...What I now notice is the same thing occurring in Convo, Ashland University’s cafeteria. Students here know the swim team has their table, the art and drama students tend to sit in the Fishbowl, the exchange and foreign students all sit together in their respective country-of-origin groups, and the black kids sit together. This concept of normal and voluntary segregation was a topic of interest during the conversation following the “Selma” viewing, which leads to the question again: Does racism still exist, or does the fact that this is a “voluntary” form of social grouping make this a justifiable norm?  Full Story HERE...

    The Art of the Carousel

    Priscilla Roggenkamp has created The Art of the Carousel educational poster and curriculum guide, funded by the Kennedy Center's Partners in Education program as well as the Mansfield Art Center, The Renaissance Center and with support from Carousel Works in Mansfield.  ​It was created to make educational connections to the community through the arts. These posters will be shared nationally during the Partners in Education workshop in Washington, DC in FebruaryCheck out the curriculum guide...

    Thursday, February 5, 2015

    Women's Chorus Performs at Freedom Choral Festival

    Under the direction of Dr. Marla Butke, nineteen members of the AU Women's Chorus sang at the Concept: Freedom Choral Festival on Saturday at OSU. This event featured 150 women from 14 choirs to create awareness of human trafficking.

    Social Work Major Mary Hitchcock Shares Her Internship Experience

    "Ashland University’s Social Work Program has prepared me for my internship by giving me a good base to build upon. I have a very good grasp on the core values of social work. The Social Work Program here at Ashland gives students several opportunities for field experience. While this is definitely the most intense field experience I have gone through so far, it is not the first and I have those previous experiences to draw from."  --Mary Hitchcock

    Read Mary's Full Interview Here...

    Visiting Artist Lecture with Neil McDonald, Feb. 18

    The Art Department will host visiting artist Neil MacDonald on Wednesday, Feb. 18 for two lectures at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.  He will discuss his current works intersecting Baroque and Contemporary, and share inside information about his life as a working artist.

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Academic Mentor Awards Recognizes Eight Faculty Members

    Ashland University Students Honor Their MentorsEight faculty members were honored during the University’s 29th annual Academic Mentor Awards recognition ceremony held Jan. 30. The program recognizes faculty or staff whose academic leadership with regard to students extends beyond the classroom. This year's mentors, each nominated by an Ashland student, are: Dr. Theodore Avtgis, chair and professor of communication studies; Chuck Bryant, instructor of finance; Brenda DeHaan, professional instructor of nursing; Dr. Emily Hess, visiting instructor of history/political science; Dr. Michael Hudson, associate professor of geology; Terri Jewett, professional instructor of early childhood education; Dr. Joe Mackall, professor of English; and Dr. RenĂ© Paddags, assistant professor of political science. FULL STORY HERE...

    Monday, February 2, 2015

    2014 Math and Computer Science News Available

    The Math and Computer Science Department 2014 Newsletter is now available. You will find information about student activities, student accomplishments, math lab renovation, alumni and faculty news. You can also read about Dr. Iyad Ajwa's participation in the Fullbright U.S. Scholar Program. Look inside to discover who the new chair of the department is. MORE...

    Update on "In The Event of My Death"

    Center College (Padraic)Padraic Lillis wrote a recent blog post updating us on the College Collaboration project. Here is a quote from his post with a shout out to AU Theatre.
    "I remember when we were leaving Ashland that cast all spoke about how much they loved their characters. They were protective of them. They wanted to see what the next actor would do with them, hoping that they took great care of them. I know from what I have seen and read about the rehearsals that the cast at Centre is taking wonderful care and approaching these characters with great love, appreciation, and intelligence."  Read the entire post HERE...

    Dr. Paul Cao Awarded the Senior Faculty Study Leave Grant

    Dr. Paul Cao was awarded the Senior Faculty Study Leave Grant for the Fall 2015 semester. During this sabbatical leave, he will focus on the development of cyber security courses such as information security and network security. MORE...

    Social Work Major Casey Kelley Discusses Her Internship

    Casey Kelley is an intern at Richland County Children Services. This agency provides care and protection for children in need, and support and assistance for their families. They have a full-time staff of over 100 people, all dedicated to protecting the children of Richland County. Read about Casey's experience at this link, MORE...