Thursday, April 21, 2016

“I AM, I Will, I’m Afraid – Ashland" Unveiling & Forum

The unveiling and forum of I Am, I Will, I’m Afraid (Ashland) was led by guest artist Traci Molloy and supported the 20 female survivors of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment that attend Ashland University including:

Anamarie Coors, Emma Daugherty, Andrea Dennison, Devereaux Diaz, Mary Jean Ferretti, Kaylin Henry, Alicia Jones, Ellyn Kilpatrick, Keeleigh Myers, Abigail Nye, Caitlin Ann Rayburn, Samantha Rhonemus, Janice R. Richards, Rachael Santee, Randi Schimmoeller, Danielle Smith, Hannah Thome, Helen Weber, Emily M. Wirtz, and Kiana Ziegler

The digital print utilizes photographic and digital processes constructing a composite portrait of the survivors. Individual photographs were taken of all the survivors and then layered together to form one collective likeness. The female co-collaborators determined the pose. The surface text depicts personal, anonymous handwriting generated by the women in response to the three prompts: I Am, I Will,and I’m Afraid. MORE

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