Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Delaney Jones Discusses the Survival of Spain's Minority Languages

With faculty sponsor Dr. Richard Gray, Spanish and political science major Delaney Jones has researched "The Survival and Maintenance of Minority Languages in Spain" and will present her findings at the 10:30 a.m. URCA session in the Convocation Center's Faculty Room. 

In her abstract, Delaney explains, "Although Galician, Basque, and Catalan (languages) experienced a decline, they survived and continue to develop into present day. These languages are present in government, education, and in everyday life in Galicia, Basque Country, and Catalonia. The reason behind their survival can be attributed to the literary histories of each region, the use of bilingual education, the geography of Spain, and to the elites of minority language regions. Catalan is arguably the most successful of the three major languages. It has the most speakers and is the language of a community that is undergoing a fierce nationalist movement. The Catalan independence movement has further highlighted the importance of minority languages within Spain and demonstrates their growth and development into the future."

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